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  • This program is definitely not for anyone who wishes to become fluent in speaking Latin, as it proves to be incomplete and topical at best.

Latin is among the oldest and most revered languages in the world, although it is it a dead language that is only spoken in the context of higher education as well as philosophical or biblical readings. However, it cannot be denied that there are a number of people who are looking to learn Latin, which is why it is only fitting that they look for the best language program that can provide adequate instructions and training.

The Rosetta Stone Latin program is one of the many products offered by the Rosetta product line, and it also happens to be one of the most interesting. For customers who are contemplating on learning about Latin and all its fine intricacies, reading a truthful Rosetta Stone Latin review is in order.

What is Rosetta Stone Latin?

This language software caters mainly to people who are invested in learning about one of the most remarkable ancient languages in the world. The tools and techniques provided in this program are designed to not only teach words, but also lend a better understanding as to the significance of the Latin language to the world at large.

Main Benefits

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Natural Language Acquisition Technique

Authors of the Rosetta Stone language program have a long-standing commitment to natural learning techniques, as they are convinced that the best way to acquire a new language is through complete immersion. All lessons are in Latin, and the absence of translations is intended to help the brain focus on the words, phrases, and sentences, and be able to glean their meaning with repetition.
Rosetta Stone language programs are founded on the theory that people will learn a new language on a much faster rate if it is done in the same manner that children do. Since there are no available translations, the brain is forced to make sense of each thought in the original language.

Comprehensive Courses

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While Latin is essentially a dead language, Rosetta Stone Latin provides comprehensive lessons that would teach people everything they need to know about how it is spoken. The program is divided into three volumes, each one designed to accomplish a different set of goals for the user.

Volume One mostly includes introduction to the program, and a number of need-to-know facts about Latin such as its origins, period of usage, and its eventual decline. Volume Two, on the other hand, contains practical lessons such as pronunciation, word exercises, and other important aspects of the language.

Finally, the Third Volume is all about achieving mastery and fluency, which is the ultimate goal of the entire exercise.

Audio Companion Available

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Ironically, most people who want to learn new languages are also those who can barely spare time for extra curricular activities outside of work and family life. Rosetta Stone Latin, however, makes it possible for such individuals to learn the language via audio data, which they can listen to using a CD player or Mp3 device.

You get to decide when and where you study, which is something that is greatly beneficial if you have a full time job and/or a family to care for. In effect, you can learn Latin just about anywhere and whenever you have free time, i.e. when stuck in traffic, while working out, etc. Utilizing all the free time you have is very important in order to master such a challenging language.


Not a User Friendly Program

A lot of Rosetta Stone users have common complaints regarding the interface of this language software as well as all the other programs offered by Rosetta. Perhaps the most common criticism is the lack of translations for any and all courses provided. While total immersion might work for a small percentage of Rosetta Stone users, majority of the people who use the program find themselves completely lost in the lessons because they simply cannot keep up with any of the information provided.

It has become a consensus that adults are simply not capable of absorbing a language in the same manner as children do, which is why English translations are necessary. The net result of insisting on employing total immersion techniques is the total lack of retention.

No Interactive Features

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The process of language acquisition may be an exciting prospect in its early stages, but there comes a point where an individual simply gets bored and therefore becomes less than interested. Since the Rosetta Stone Latin program does not provide any interactive features, most users will end up abandoning the entire program because it no longer piques their interest. Learning is supposed to be as fun and animated as possible, in order to maintain the level of energy and interest of those who are trying to acquire a second language.

Bleak Results After Months of Training

Many Rosetta stone users have reported that they have not made any significant progress despite having spent months poring through all the lessons provided by the program. Those who are looking to achieve mastery and be able to speak fluent Latin are extremely disappointed, which prompts them to drop the program and find another. Compared to other programs in the market today, Rosetta Stone simply pales in comparison as far as effectiveness and all other parameters.

Less Than Budget Friendly

Each level of Rosetta Stone Latin is sold at around $160, which puts the total at just under $500, which is very steep for most consumers. Considering the fact that this program lacks a number of essential features and that its competitor programs are sold for a lot less, it does not seem fiscally prudent to choose Rosetta Stone Latin.

Verdict and Recommendation

While it is rare to find a program that teaches dead languages, Rosetta Stone Latin comes across as a poor choice. Seeing as Latin is a hard language to learn even for scholars and savants, those who wish to learn it will need an excellent program, which can provide all the necessary tools. This program is definitely not for anyone who wishes to become fluent in speaking Latin, as it proves to be incomplete and topical at best.

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This program is definitely not for anyone who wishes to become fluent in speaking Latin, as it proves to be incomplete and topical at best.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more, I bought this product with the high hopes of learning Latin and was deeply disappointed. It;s not worth the money especially when learning a language like Latin.

  2. I had difficulty learning Latin with this and I don’t think it was the program’s fault. It was easy to use and follow, I just don’t think I am cut out for Latin.

  3. gordon anderson says

    I used this as a refresher for my college Latin and it really brought the language back to me. I have used Rosetta Stone before and have always liked their software.

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