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  • Published on: February 26, 2012
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  • For those looking to expand their language skills by learning Mandarin, Rocket Chinese comes highly recommended. It is a product like no other, as it provides an effective system that does not only teach the language, but also allows people to completely immerse themselves in the culture.

Chinese is such a beautiful and diverse language, that most non-Chinese natives believe there is no way they can ever acquire it unless they live in the country for many years. The truth, however, is that Chinese can be acquired just as every other language in the world. However, it should be noted that the learning process might be challenging, and that the right training program is required in order to obtain a good command of the language.

For the most part, finding the right Chinese learning program can be hard as there are so many to choose from, especially online. The trick is to choose one that provides the best tools and learning methodology.

As far as effective language programs go, the Rocket Chinese software is just about the best in the market today. Listed below are some of the pros and cons about this product, as well as other relevant facts that help prospective customers like yourself decide as to whether or not this software cater to their needs.

Main Benefits

Mandarin Centered Lessons

The Chinese language is as complex as it is diversified because it comes in different varieties. Mandarin is considered the Standard form of Chinese, mainly because it is spoken by the most number of people (give or take 1.35 Billion), all around the world.

Rocket Chinese focuses mainly on Mandarin as it recognizes the need to master the conventional version of the language before moving on to the provincial variations. Mandarin is mostly used in daily conversations as well as in the context of social, political, and business interactions.

It has been proven that once a person becomes fluent in Mandarin Chinese, he/she will find it easier to master the other six dialects. Learning the Mother Language lays down the foundation for further studies, should you decide to learn other dialect groups.

Access to 31-Lesson Interactive Audio Course

rocket chinese mandarin
One of the most important things you should know about Mandarin is that it uses very subtle intonations that can change the use and/or meaning of words. Due to this peculiar quality, authors of the RocketLanguages Chinese Premium decided that the best way to learn Mandarin is to use audio-based courses.

Not only will you learn Chinese words and phrases, but you can also listen to how they are pronounced. Since intonation, stress, and inflection are very important components of this language, users of the program are advised to listen carefully and repeatedly to the audio lessons in order to gain fluency.

Objective Progress Tracker

Learning a new language on your own can be quite daunting if you do not know exactly how much you are advancing. Access to an objective progress tracker is one of the best ways to monitor and verify your fluency and mastery of the language.

The Rocket Languages Chinese program provides for quick quizzes and rehearsal self-tests that would show you exactly where you are in the learning curve. This tool ensures that you do not become complacent with yourself at any stage of the training process.

In addition, being aware of one’s progress would afford a higher level of confidence, which is necessary in order to sound natural when speaking the language.

Effective Vocabulary Building Through Games and Other Activities

rocket chinese program
Learning new words can become tedious and repetitive, which will eventually lead to boredom. To prevent this, RocketLanguages Chinese Premium has included interactive games to facilitate the learning process, and provide entertainment value to an otherwise laborious task.

As have been mentioned, Mandarin consists of many different words and phrases that can be used in different contexts, which necessitates mastery of the standard Chinese vocabulary.

Vocabulary exercises also include the common usage of certain words and expressions. This is something that you need to learn thoroughly as it is used as basis for measuring fluency.

Time Efficient Learning Process

rocket chinese audio lessons
Apart from the audio lessons, games, and progress trackers, the Rocket Chinese program also provides a system that allows users to make the most out of their time. That is, you can be sure to learn something valuable every time you use any of the available tools.

This intangible feature is something that is often missing in most other language learning programs, which makes the Rocket the most sensible choice. People with very limited free time can rest easy, knowing that they will be able to improve their skills better with each lesson they complete.

Access to Interactive Forums

Constant practice is an essential part of learning Chinese, or any language for that matter. Apart from the lessons and games, users are also granted unlimited access to the Rocket Chinese Online Forum. This venue is where language teachers, trainees, and Native Chinese speakers can interact and ask/answer questions relevant questions.

Apart from gathering useful tips on how to become more fluent in Mandarin, members can also practice conversing in Chinese with fluent or Native speakers. Participating in the forums would allow Rocket Premium members to gauge their competency level in terms of carrying on a casual conversation.

Romanized Chinese Characters

rocket chinese premium
As many are already aware, Chinese is written in symbols that are hard to decipher if you are not a native speaker. The lessons provided for by Rocket Premium Chinese include texts that use English letters as opposed to Chinese symbols, to make it easier for people to learn proper pronunciation.

Translations are also provided so you will know what the words/phrases/sentences mean.

Lifetime Membership and Access to Upgrade & New Tools

Purchasing the Rocket Premium Chinese package would not only allow you to access all the available tools, but it also grants access to any and all future upgrades. This translates to excellent value for your money, which is what every consumer looks for these days.


The only disadvantage to taking this course is the level of difficulty involved in acquiring the language. While the lessons are designed for beginners who have no prior knowledge about the Chinese language, the process may still be very difficult for others.

Please leave your review of this program below. Thank you!

For those looking to expand their language skills by learning Mandarin, Rocket Chinese comes highly recommended. It is a product like no other, as it provides an effective system that does not only teach the language, but also allows people to completely immerse themselves in the culture.

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  1. As China continues to become a world leader and business expands over there as well as here in the states, learning chinese is becoming so important. So much that they are teaching it as a second language in schools now. For $150 you can’t complain about such a great product especially when that works.

  2. jackson taylor says

    One of the hardest languages to learn and I caught on really fast. Rocket taught me for less than $150!!

  3. quincy torme' says

    I took this course in hopes of learning how to speak with business partners but it taught memmuch more than that. I am now able to have a complete conversation with native speakers.

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