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  • Published on: March 15, 2012
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  • There is no reason why anyone should doubt Rocket Japanese, especially after taking a closer look at its features and merits. It is definitely a product worthy of every penny you will spend, as it delivers astounding results that can never be expected from any other language program available online today.

Asian languages have always been a fascinating subject, especially to those who love exploring the wonders of the Eastern culture and its sharp contrast to that of the West. If you are among those who are looking to travel the Far East on business or pleasure, or perhaps even consider migrating to this part of the world, is important to get acquainted with the important languages, one of which is Japanese.

What most people do not know about the Japanese language is that is one of the oldest languages in the world, from which many other Asian languages sprung. If you are looking to learn Japanese for whatever purpose, it is important to make the smart choice when it comes to selecting a language-training program.

Rocket Japanese is one of the many courses offered by RocketLanguages, and it is not surprisingly one of the best selling products. Below are some of the most important facts you need to know about this program, including its pros and cons as well as the kind of consumer feedback it receives.

What is Rocket Japanese?

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This program is a collection of audio, video, and text based tools that are used for purposes of learning Japanese and becoming fluent in such language.

Main Benefits

Comprehensive Japanese Vocabulary Training

People need to know as many words and phrases and their corresponding meaning/definition to be able to converse with Japanese speakers, both native and non-native. This vocabulary is in place for purposes of acclimating users to the tone and texture of the language, as well as to ensure fluency.

Since this is a particularly challenging language to learn, it only makes sense that users have access to a comprehensive list of words that they can use in a variety of contexts.

Interactive Audio Lessons

rocket japanese audio lessons
Those in the process of acquiring a new language may have their own motivations, but it is equally important for a training program to provide a dynamic environment to eliminate, or at least avoid, boredom. With over 31 interactive audio lessons, you can expect to not only learn Japanese but also appreciate the entire experience.

Many Rocket Japanese users admit that they are always looking forward to the new lesson even before the previous one is finished. Such level of enthusiasm might have been impossible if the audio courses were not designed intelligently.

All 31 audio lessons are also downloadable, which means you can listen to the files without using a computer. The size of the files is small enough to be transferred to any listening device, i.e. Mp3 player. Users can listen to the audio recordings whenever they want to, regardless of their location.

Prospective buyers should also note that these audio lessons encourage Rocket users to participate in the exercise, i.e. repeat what has been said by the host/s.

Effective and Efficient Translations

rocket japanese romaji
As most people know, the Japanese language has it own unique set of characters. Since the RocketLanguage Japanese is intended for beginners and novices, proper translations are provided for, which include English as well as Romaji (Japanese words written in English letters).

While some programs insist that complete immersion is the best way to learn a foreign language, Rocket realizes the importance of proving clear and accurate translations in order for users to have a better understanding of the words and phrases.

Those who have never been exposed to the Japanese language might find it hard to grasp it immediately, which is exactly why Rocket provides all the necessary tools in order to make the learning process go smoother.

The translations also help people learn how to write in Japanese (characters), which would come in handy for those who wish to master both the speaking and writing component of the language.

Coverage of Practical Lessons

rocket japanese practical lessons
With RocketLanguage Japanese, users do not only learn words and phrases but they also explore the more practical aspects of acquiring the language. Rocket covers a number of practical courses regarding Japanese travel, nightlife, family and friends, business, and anything that people in and from Japan talks about when they are in the country or visiting other parts of the world.

These lessons will teach you words and sentences that are often used when ordering food at a Japanese restaurant, making hotel reservations, conversing with the elderly, and many others. The goal is to get you comfortable with the language so that you can speak with such confidence.

Access to Japanese Rocket Record

One of the most difficult things to verify when learning a new language is pronunciation. Japanese is a language that relies heavily on the proper pronunciation of words, especially the stress on certain syllables. For this reason, the Rocket Record is provided in order to objectively compare the user’s wave form (speaking pattern) to that of the native speaking host (recording).

You have the option of recording the same words and/or phrases repeatedly until the wave forms look uniform, signifying that your pronunciation is spot-on. This is touted as one of the most revolutionary language training tools as it provides an objective and factual feedback to those who want to know where they are in terms of progress.

MegaJapanese Software Games

RocketLanguges is a pioneer in terms of providing interactive features within various language programs. MegaJapanese software games provide entertainment in addition to the lessons, making the learning process less tedious and more fun.

One of the games focuses on mastering Japanese vocabulary (MegaVocab), with over 1,000 words and 20 well-defined topics.

MegaHiragana, is another interactive and fun tool that teaches users how to write Japanese characters and recognize the sounds they represent.


For most people, learning Japanese can be daunting so you might want to lower expectations when it comes to the speed of your progress. However, utilizing all the tools provided will ensure fluency and mastery within a very reasonable time frame.

Please leave your review of this program below. Thank you!

There is no reason why anyone should doubt Rocket Japanese, especially after taking a closer look at its features and merits. It is definitely a product worthy of every penny you will spend, as it delivers astounding results that can never be expected from any other language program available online today.

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  1. I have tried the rest and Rocket is the best. They have the best price and the best way to learn hands down.

  2. Less than $100 for a language course? I was apprehensive at first but I ordered anyway and I am glad I did! I speak Japanese now!

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