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  • Published on: September 9, 2012
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  • Rocket Portuguese is a great product that makes language acquisition easier and more fun for its users. The features as well as the price of this online course are high selling points, not to mention the sheer quality of information it provides to all users. It is definitely a great buy for students as well as professionals who are looking to improve their language repertoire.

Extended education can mean practically anything these days, as individuals from all over the world attempt to better themselves in more ways than one. Among the most common ways to become a well-rounded and capable person is by acquiring a foreign language, whether it is for professional use or otherwise.

Portuguese, while mostly considered an obscure Romance language, is in fact one of the most useful things anyone can learn from the comfort of their own home. Almost 250 million people all over the world, particularly in Brazil, Portugal, and Macau, speak this language and it is slowly becoming as globally relevant as Spanish and Mandarin.

Learning this language can be a challenge so those interested in becoming fluent in Portuguese should consider using an online tool such as the Rocket Portuguese Program.

What is Rocket Portuguese?

This product is an online based program that is offered to those who interested in acquiring this fascinating language in the comfort of their own home, without the nuisance of having to go to school for lessons. The program is comprised of several lessons as well as online and offline tools that help people master the language and become fluent in a matter of months.

Main Benefits and Features

Portable Learning

rocket portuguese online program
Being tied down to a definite class schedule is not particularly ideal for most people who want to learn a second language. In fact, almost 95% of those who choose to acquire Portuguese or any other foreign language prefer to do so outside a classroom setting. Rocket Languages Portuguese is created mainly to provide assistance to individuals who prefer learning on their own time and speed.

All lessons can be access via computer, which is ideal for home bound people with busy household routines. In addition, the lessons can also be accessed using audio devices such as mp3 players, Smartphone, or other compatible gadgets. This means not having to worry about missing out on your daily lessons due to heavy traffic, bad weather, or just a really hectic work or personal schedule. Since there are no books or notes to carry around, there will be no need for a bag to put them in. Not only will you learn, but you can do so without any burden to lug around.

Expansive Lessons

rocket portuguese course features
Portuguese, like many other Romance languages, is rich in history and has evolved over the course of hundreds of years. As a result, it has a very distinctive character that is evident in all areas of the language such as pronunciation, spelling, intonation, verb tenses, and the use of idioms. Rocket Portuguese provides quite a comprehensive course, which covers the following:

  • Culture lessons
  • Exercises on daily Portuguese conversations
  • Verbs
  • Grammar
  • Tenses
  • Comprehensive vocabulary
  • Practical tips on how to sound like a natural speaker

As with most other Rocket programs, Rocket Portuguese covers just about everything that you need to learn if you ever decide to visit Portuguese speaking countries or territories. Each lesson, of which there are 30, lasts roughly around 25 minutes each, which brings a total of almost 13 hours of pure language training.

24/7 Online Access and Support

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The program does not only provide information on the Portuguese language, but it also allows users to seek help from the online Rocket community that is comprised of other Rocket users as well as language experts who are willing to provide advice and usable tips. The online community is easily accessible via the Rocket Dashboard. In addition, technical support is also readily available to users who are having difficulties with the software or certain features of the program.

Updated Content

Compared to most online language programs, Rocket Languages Portuguese is invariably progressive as it continues to update its content every few months. Users have access to these updates as they become available, making the learning process dynamic as opposed to stagnant and repetitive.

Interactive Games, Quizzes, and Progress Tracker

rocket portuguese games and games
Unless you are an autodidact or an overly productive self-starter, there is only so much you can do on your own. This is where the quizzes and interactive games come in handy, as they not only keep users entertained but duly focused on the task of learning as well. The progress tracker is another feature that every Rocket member should use as it objectively gauges one’s progress and fluency level at any given point.

Taking the quizzes and playing the games is an essential step toward achieving fluency. These features also make up for the fact that you do not have much interaction with native Portuguese speakers in the course of the program. It serves as practice, which is important to become fluent in any language.

Free Trial Available

Not all consumers trust what they hear or see from advertisements, which is actually smart considering all the false promises they encounter on a daily basis. No such problem exists when pondering whether or not to purchase RocketLanguages Portuguese since this product is offered at a trial basis for consumers who remain skeptical about its merits.

Affordable Price

The cost of the full Rocket Portuguese package is $149.95, which is at least $35% cheaper than other known online programs today. Discounts are also available in the case of online promotions, depending on which site you buy the package from.


Voice Recognition Program is Basic

The one slight drawback of the Rocket Portuguese is its Voice Recognition feature, which is at its infancy stage. The program itself is effective, but it is a bit too basic compared to those offered by other online language courses. The upside is that Rocket continues to update its features so it is only a matter of time before the voice recognition program is up to par with others.

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Rocket Portuguese is a great product that makes language acquisition easier and more fun for its users. The features as well as the price of this online course are high selling points, not to mention the sheer quality of information it provides to all users. It is definitely a great buy for students as well as professionals who are looking to improve their language repertoire.

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  1. I spent a year in Brazil and before I left I bought Rocket not only because it was pretty inexpensive but everything I had heard about it was good. Let me be the first to say the Rocket Portuguese is incredible who would have thought learning it would be not only easy but pretty fun as well. The best part for me was the support being able to have your questions answered 24/7 is huge.

  2. I have used many of the Rocket programs and Portuguese was my last one. I have to say that I was completely impressed by all of them, but this one was my favorite. I was able to pick up on the language very quickly and it seemed that the learning format was very natural.

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