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  • The Rosetta Stone Spanish learning software can definitely provide all the fundamentals you will need in order to speak the language. However, there are better programs out there for a much lower price.

The importance of learning a foreign language in this day and age simply cannot be measured. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to widen his/her client base, or a student wanting to gain a competitive edge upon entering the workforce, becoming bilingual is definitely a great achievement.

Among the numerous languages from all over the world, Spanish is one of the most widely spoken, which makes it worth learning indeed. While foreign languages are still being taught at schools and universities, people now have the opportunity to learn one or more of them outside the scholastic context.

If you are looking to learn this language in your own time, The Rosetta Stone Spanish Program is one of the tools worth acquiring. To learn more about what this program can do for you, and whether or not it suits your needs, it is best to learn all the pros and cons.

What is the Rosetta Stone Spanish Program?

This tool is a software designed to aid people in learning the Spanish language, regardless of their age, educational background, and native tongue.

Main Benefits

Engaging Learning Methodology

rosetta stone spanish methodology
The mantra learning must be fun is adapted by this program in order to capture and maintain the interest of the user/s. While Spanish is one of the easier languages to acquire, the process of learning can be just as challenging especially in the case of those with very short attention span.

The fact that this language software incorporated entertainment into the process of learning Spanish means people will have an easier time obtaining all the necessary information. As it has been proven in the traditional school set up, less tedious study sessions make students more receptive to learning.

Comprehensive Learning Materials

rosetta stone spanish learning
Learning a new language requires having access to top notch resource materials in the form of text, audio, and video. With the RosettaStone Spanish learning software, you can expect to have all the help you need in order to understand and speak the language fluently.

Users of RosettaStone will never find themselves lost because they have access to complete language training materials, as well as step-by-step instructions.

Effective Progress Tracking System

People who are in the process of acquiring a new language need to know exactly where they are in the program at any given time. Progress tracking is of utmost important, especially when it comes to language fluency and articulation.

RosettaStone Spanish provides an effective progress tracking system, which allows its users to assess themselves objectively on a regular basis.

User Friendly

Not everyone is adept at using the computer, let alone a language software. This, however, should not be a problem at all since the Rosetta Stone Spanish learning software is as user friendly as a program can be. There are no complicated jargons or commands you need to know in order to access any of the resource materials or training modules.

As long as you know how to work the keyboard and pc mouse, you are good to go.

Centered on Fundamentals

rosetta stone spanish program
Spanish is a language that is fairly easy to master, as long as you understand all the fundamentals such as pronunciation, stress, and intonation. What the RosettaSpanish program provides is a solid foundation, on which people can start building mastery.

It is quite rare to find language training software these days that is designed to make people understand the very nature of such language, in order to not only achieve mastery but also foster genuine appreciation.

Cost Effective

Compared to other methods of learning, i.e. Spanish course at a university, hiring a Spanish tutor, the Rosetta Stone Spanish program is one of the cheapest choices there is. Those who are looking to learn the language without spending too much money would greatly benefit from this product.


Lack of Word Tools

Users of the RosettaStone Spanish language software might find it just a tad lacking in word tools, such as a handy Spanish dictionary. Since this language contains hundreds of words that are particularly hard to spell (especially in the case of Americans and Brits whose native language is English), some may find it hard to cope with the program.

The program, however, does provide an index of Spanish words that are most often used in normal conversations and literary materials.

Not Suited for Kids Below 14 years of Age

While this program is user-friendly, it is not quite suited for kids. The methodology in this software is best suited for high school/college students, and professionals.

Does Not Adapt a Practice-Based Type of Learning

Gaining fluency and expertise on any language requires learners to immerse themselves not only in the words but in the culture as well. Linguistics experts are in agreement that learning a new language is best tackled with the use of natural conversations.

Since you cannot practice speaking the language in a more natural set-up (preferably with other speakers), it can be hard to acquire fluency within a short time frame.

Consumer Reviews are Not Too Impressive

rosetta stone spanish reviews
Based on the feedback from those who actually tried this program, it does seem to be a fairly adequate tool but it does not deliver well on certain areas. For the price of $199, consumers appear not to be disappointed, but they are not blown away either.

Some consumers also feel that they are paying way too much money for what they get. Those who expect to become extremely fluent in Spanish might not achieve their goal through this product, or at least not without taking more advanced online courses to improve their proficiency level.

Verdict and Recommendation

The Rosetta Stone Spanish learning software can definitely provide all the fundamentals you will need in order to speak the language. For its price, it is a good buy if you are looking to get a solid foundation, which would allow you to speak Spanish with a certain degree of mastery.

However, before purchasing this product, it is best to weigh all the pros and cons especially since there are other more superior learning packages in the market today.

The Rosetta Stone Spanish program is satisfactory and not at all a waste of time and money: However, compared to Rocket Spanish, you’ll get less bang for your bucks right now.

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The Rosetta Stone Spanish learning software can definitely provide all the fundamentals you will need in order to speak the language. However, there are better programs out there for a much lower price.

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  1. Everyone told me that Spanish was easy to learn but I really struggled with it. That was before Rosetta Stone. Now I am able to hold my own in almost any conversation.

  2. Mark Spencer says

    I used Rosetta Stone Spanish to learn some quick phrases for our vacation but now I am hooked! I am learning so much more than I thought I would.

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