Rosetta Stone Arabic Review

As advancements in Science and Technology increase by the minute, the world becomes even smaller for people, especially those that are intellectually and professionally competitive. These changes also prompt the need for learning new languages that can help furthering people’s careers as well as their worldview. Rosetta Stone Arabic is an online course offered for […]

Pimsleur Arabic Review

The Middle East has always been a dominant global player, especially in the realm of macroeconomics, being able to control the majority of oil production and exploration in the world. As people realize just how important it is to become proficient in Middle Eastern languages, many decide to start with Arabic, as it is one […]

Rocket Arabic Review

There have been quite a lot of courses and options that I have tried in an attempt to learn Arabic; in the end though, I came to a conclusion that Rocket Arabic has the most to offer. But what makes this course so special and superior over the rest of the herd? For quite a […]