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  • Published on: March 15, 2012
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  • Rocket Hindi is by far one of the most effective language software today and it is definitely a good buy. Whether you are investing in becoming multi-lingual or just really interested in the language, RocketLanguage provides all the tools you will ever need to learn Hindi.

The intricacies of Asian languages cannot be discounted, as they are collectively some of the most impressive and interesting languages in the world. Those who seek knowledge and mastery of Asian languages should consider starting with Hindi, as it is one of the most practical and fascinating languages in this part of the world.

As India continue to rise as a great contender in the global economic market, more and more people are getting interested in learning Hindi to increase their chances of becoming competitive especially in the line of entrepreneurial excellence.

Students as well as professionals would benefit greatly from learning Hindi, especially since it is one of the widely spoken languages not only in Asia but also in several parts of the world.

Rocket Hindi makes for a great choice as far as speech training is concerned. Below is a comprehensive review of its main benefits, possible drawbacks, and consumer feedback. In order to make a sound decision, it is necessary to first learn all the facts about this software, especially with regard to how it stacks up against its competition in the market.

What is Rocket Hindi All about?

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This product provides comprehensive training, which includes tools and materials that help achieve fluency in Hindi and ultimately produce native sounding Hindi speakers.

Main Benefits

Progressive and Comprehensive Lessons

Such a challenging language as Hindi can only be mastered through extensive lessons. Each of the 31 audio-based courses is specifically designed to fit the needs of users, particularly those who are encountering Hindi for the first time.

Each lesson is about 20 minutes long, and each one is packed with information about Hindi and how to speak the language as naturally as possible. The goal of Rocket Hindi is not only to teach the language but also to produce exemplary native sounding speakers.

Confidence Boosting Quizzes and Exercises

rocket hindi quizzes
Jitters as well as a bit of confusion can be expected especially if it’s your first time learning Hindi. However, the uncertainty will be addressed immediately by taking the quizzes and graded exercises that can verify the status of your progress.

Apart from tracking progress, the quizzes also boost your confidence. Knowing that you are doing well paves the way to mastery and fluency, which is key to becoming a native sounding Hindi speaker.

Fun and Informative Interactive Games

There is only so much enthusiasm a person could muster when in the process of leaning a new language. In order to prevent boredom, which can lead to losing interest in the program, Rocket provides software games to entertain users while learning how to pronounce words and use proper grammar at the same time.

Youngsters as well as adults appreciate and enjoy the games so much that they do not even notice how long they have been tackling the lessons. As a result, they look forward to more lessons instead of dreading the learning process, as in the case of those who chose the wrong language program.

Romanized and Devanagari Translations

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As with a few other Asian languages, Hindi is also composed of symbols (characters) as opposed to letters. In order for users to fully comprehend and master the words/phrases as well as their meaning, translations are provided in Romanized (English Letters) and English versions.

This tool allows users to understand the words and phrases in English, while also grasping Hindi writing. All 3 versions (Devanagari, Romanized, and English) are printed so that they can be compared and absorbed effectively.

A lot of people who take up Hindi lessons are not only interested in being able to speak the language but also in writing Hindi characters.

Excellent Pronunciation Tool

The Hindi Rocket Record is a very good tool that allows people to compare their pronunciation patterns or wave form to that of the native speaker (host). Users have the option of recording their voice and making comparisons repeatedly just to make sure they got the pronunciation right.

This tool uses advanced voice mapping technology, which can assess and compare 2 different voice patterns and provide a visual representation of the results.

With Rocket Record, you do not have to guess whether you really are ready for pure Hindi conversations with a Native speaker, or still in need of more work to polish your diction.

Vernacular-Centered Lessons

rocket hindi lessons
Being able to carry on a good conversation with native Hindi speakers and/or Indian citizens is a very important aspect of learning the language. It is for this reason that Rocket Hindi provides 31 lessons on Hindi culture as well as the modern way of life in India.

Some of the lessons touch on Bollywood, cuisine, local sports, festivities, family values and traditions, and many others. Authors and developers of the Rocket Program want to ensure that users can converse very well within the context of Hindi vernacular.

Tourists or travellers can benefit well from these lessons especially if they are looking to stay in India for a significant period of time.

24/7 Access to a Virtual Hindi Teacher

This is perhaps one of the most useful features of the Hindi Rocket program, especially for those who are more comfortable with traditional methods of learning. Purchasing a premium membership for this program affords users access to a virtual Hindi mentor who can answer any and all questions regarding the language and clarify certain things that may not have been mentioned in the extensive audio lessons.

Free Upgrades (lifetime)

Once you purchase Premium Rocket Hindi, you get access to all future upgrades without having to pay more money. This is something that most other programs do not offer, which means members will get more value for their money.


Non-English speakers may find it hard to follow the lessons on the first dive. However, since everything has been simplified, it is very easy to catch up. RocketLanguages made sure that the program could help those who speak English very well and those who do not.

Please leave your review of this program below. Thank you!

Rocket Hindi is by far one of the most effective language software today and it is definitely a good buy. Whether you are investing in becoming multi-lingual or just really interested in the language, RocketLanguage provides all the tools you will ever need to learn Hindi.

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  1. It works, it works, it works. I much like in your review bought Rocket Hindi because I was interested in learning what it was. Who would have known that I would have learned to love to learn and speak it. Great Product.

  2. Yet another difficult language made easy by Rocket. I was able to learn this quickly and the price made it very inexpensive.

  3. billy blue says

    Don’t let the low price fool you, this is a very comprehensive course. My wife and I used it before a recent business trip and was complimented at how well we spoke the language.

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