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Rosetta Stone Korean Review

Rosetta Stone has always led the way when it comes to language software, they are the name that everyone trusts and they have been teaching an increasing range of languages to millions of users across the world for 20 years. Over this impressive period the courses have adapted to suit the needs of their students […]

Rosetta Stone German Review

Rosetta Stone’s German learning program is often touted as one of the best for learning German (or any other language), but is it really as good as it seems? The short version is that that program does work, but the high price is a big turn off. As it’s always the case with learning something […]

Rocket Portuguese Review

Extended education can mean practically anything these days, as individuals from all over the world attempt to better themselves in more ways than one. Among the most common ways to become a well-rounded and capable person is by acquiring a foreign language, whether it is for professional use or otherwise. Portuguese, while mostly considered an […]

Rosetta Stone Hindi Review

Whether learning Hindi is a necessity because of family or work commitments or just a hobby, all prospective students of the language will be looking for a product that can teach them in a way that is beneficial and effective. Rosetta Stone is one of the most famous language software providers around but should you […]

Rosetta Stone Arabic Review

As advancements in Science and Technology increase by the minute, the world becomes even smaller for people, especially those that are intellectually and professionally competitive. These changes also prompt the need for learning new languages that can help furthering people’s careers as well as their worldview. Rosetta Stone Arabic is an online course offered for […]